flower traveller bag by Talking Out of Turn

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Gatherin Flower Traveler by © Elizabeth Olwen

A delightful mix of wildflowers blooming abundantly in a magic meadow. If you’re in a field of wildflowers, this Traveler will come in handy for gathering them. And if you’re not, it will make you feel like you are! It's all in the name... Traveler! Trust us, this isn't just another travel bag. This is THE travel bag. Take it with you on your weekend getaway or pack it up and take it to the gym, this bag is ready and capable to go anywhere!

Not only does it have an adjustable shoulder strap with short carrying handles, but it also has handles on the end of the bag, too. PLUS, the inside of the lid has a mesh zippered compartment to hold the little things you don't want floating around in the big body of the bag!