our story


We are Kimberly and Sara, two sisters who share a love of nostalgia and all things vintage. We grew up going thrifting and perusing garage sales with our mom, and as we have gotten older, we have grown to appreciate the vintage aesthetic even more. Every vintage piece has a story to tell, and by incorporating vintage goods into our home décor and wardrobe we are able to create a style that’s all our own. Our hope is that we can assist and inspire others to create homes and wardrobes that best reflect themselves and their own idea of beauty. We are also thrilled that vintage and sustainability work so well together – choosing to shop vintage can be an important step away from fast fashion and towards more conscious consumerism.

For us, this little shop is more than just a business – it is a creative outlet, a place for us to express our love of finding beauty in the everyday, and a long-time dream that we finally had the courage to go after.